Meat and Potatoes

birdboxI usually like to give no spoiler reviews to help people with their decision on whether to see a movie in the theaters or wait for it at home. But I watched this movie “Birdbox” on Netflix last weekend and I just had to write a review.

*The MEAT* this is a very unique and original story. “Birdbox” is a *Thriller* in the genre of apocalyptic end of the world stories goes, that keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time. And makes you think about how You would survive.

*The POTATOES* I’ve always said, you need a great Actor/Actress to carry a movie. And Sandra Bullock is just that! She is *Fantastic*, and once again, shows why she is an A-list Actress for sure. Speaking of great, John Malkovich is in this movie and plays a supporting role that you will love.

*The VERDICT* I *Highly Recommend* “Birdbox” to see wherever you can. It’s a Netflix original and I just loved it because it’s fun, exciting and suspenseful. Every now and then, Hollywood just gets it right.

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