Meat and Potatoes


One thing I love as much as movies is History. So, when a movie is made *based* on true stories of events in history, especially within my lifetime, I must see them. “Vice” is one of those movies, it is about the life and political career of Dick Cheney, the man behind the George W Bush presidency, and over 30 years of Republican politics.

*The MEAT* The story is flat out *Incredible* it is brought to you by the same team that made “The big short” and it’s made the same way too, it has thought-provoking scenes that explain complicated political scenarios in a lighthearted fashion, so someone like me can understand it. “Vice” is super interesting to say the least.

*The POTATOES* Christian Bale is *Outstanding* as Dick Cheney and Amy Adams is great too. Both, thanks to the make up department, are unrecognizable in their roles. Steve Carrel is good, and Sam Rockwell plays a perfect George W.

*The Verdict* Since it is Oscar season, “Vice” will be up for plenty of awards. Christian Bale and the Make-up department are almost guaranteed a trophy. I do *Highly* recommend this movie, it is very well done. But I must say, it doesn’t necessarily have to be seen on the big screen because while it is a great movie in my book, you can definitely take in its full effect in your own home when it becomes available.

p.s. There is a pretty good mid-credits scene at the end of the movie, so don’t leave too soon.

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