Classic Rock Wednesday

“Everybody Let’s Rock”

#CLRW for the last #Elvis song of the month commemorating the Kings birthday comes from a personal experience. I have never met Elvis (Lets get that straight) but as I have said in the past my Mom loved him. It was at Bruce Springsteen concert of all places that I heard her favorite song. Yes Elvis is one of the most covered artist of all time (next to the Beatles) Paul McCartney has even covered a few; but I had never heard Elvis like this. The Boss and his E Street Band are some of the best entertainers on the planet. I have seen multiple performances and then he did this song at one and I had to have more.

Turns out the Boss loves Elvis, who can blame him. But Bruce has done 12 different covers, some numbering into the 100’s. Bruce may not have the pelvis but he does have the energy and overflowing with heart. The King means a lot to all of us for different reason. His mark on the world of rock will continue to our children’s children. I am The Listener and to close out this month I give you one of the best, it was used in the closing scene for the Blues Brothers, It had it’s on film, and was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame November of 2016 I give you Jail House Rock for you Classic Rock Wednesday. #ClassicRock #TheBoss #BruceSpringsteen #EStreetBand #JailHouseRock #TheListener #5280Geek  

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