Weekend Geek Update

#Podcast #WGU comes to you from the Alamo Drafthouse Littleton Cinema this week. It’s a wild week of catching up on the latest #GeekNews after the group talks about #MaskedSinger the results to the January #Bracket and what to expect for May. Black Panther is back in the theater for free for Black History Month but only select location.

The Superbowl of commercials happened, and the #Avengers is at the top of the conversation and what they saw…Or what they didn’t see. The Fast and Furious are branching out and Smurf is the only one who cares. Don’t adjust your screen because that really is a #TwilightZone commercial you just saw but how will it hold to the original.

#Invincible gets animated, Y The Last Man goes live action, and Mr. Freeze goes to jail. The end to a feud, #KingdomHearts3 actually did come out and D&D is becoming all the rage. All of this and there is still more in this loaded night of podcasters, guests, and table top games.    

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