Meat and Potatoes

WWI Again, I am a huge history buff. So, when I found out that Peter Jackson (yes, the man behind the “Lord of the rings” movies) was producing and directing a World War One documentary, I was sure to be there, opening weekend, watching it on the biggest screen available. “They shall not grow old” did not disappoint at all.




*The MEAT* The story basically follows the British side of WWI from their first hearing about the war, signing up, boot camp, and the hell of what they endured in the trenches of war with the Germans.

*The POTATOES* It’s a Documentary so there were no actors, What Jackson did was get the actual audio of British soldiers that survived the war that recorded their experiences. He then synced them up with 100-year-old video as best he could. Jackson even employed lip-readers to figure out was being said by the soldiers and added it to the film. It was *Amazing* work.

*The Verdict* “We shall not grow old” is *Powerful* to say the least. The imagery and narrative will leave you with long lasting images and emotions that you will not soon forget.

P.S. Real cool! There is a thirty-minute documentary about how they made this documentary after the credits. Narrated by Peter Jackson himself, he shows you how he put this movie together with todays technology, thousands of hours of soldier’s stories, and the refurbishing of hundreds of hours of film. It took over six years to do, this was definitely a passion project by the Oscar winning director, and well worth your time to see this after the movie.

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