Meat and Potatoes


Its been over a year since I first seen the early previews of “Alita: Battle Angel” and I wasn’t impressed. Then I found out it was being directed by Robert Rodriguez (“Desperado”, “Dusk ‘til Dawn”) and produced by THE James Cameron who is bringing his “Avatar” special effects to the film. Well now I’m excited, but the previews have still not impressed me or especially my wife who looks at “Alita” like another senseless fighting film.

*The MEAT* The story is based on another bleak, depressing view of the future, where humans and robots not only co-exist, but there are a lot of combining of the two with cyborg technology. That’s where the special effects come in and make this futuristic world just incredible. It’s a *Very Good* origin story for sure, not too much back story that can confuse or overload the premise, but just enough to explain that there is so much more going on for future films.

*The POTATOES* My goodness!! “Alita” boasts a cast of two Academy award winning actors with Christoph Waltz and Jennifer Connelly, Mahershala Ali (who I believe will win an Oscar this year for “Green Book”) and a very special, but small appearance by Edward Norton. This is a *Fantastic Cast* for sure and the acting is great.

*The Verdict* With a *Fantastic Cast* and *Very Good* story, of course I recommend “Alita: Battle Angel” but I MUST recommend this film for the Imax 3D experience because James Cameron’s special effects are so awesome it really does put this movie into the *Special* category. Unlike “Ready player One” with its CGI overload, “Alita’s” effects look so much more clear and real.

 I really liked this movie, I want to see more of this story continue and learn more of its past through future films. My wife actually loved this movie too, so that was another plus for sure. I’m afraid this movie did a bad job of marketing and selling itself so hope with word of mouth, it picks up at the box office.

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