Meat and Potatoes


One of the highest reviewed films of 2018 is “The Favourite” it also boasts one of the best acting ensembles of the year. So, since it’s a quiet week at the movies, I decided to see a nice, simple period piece movie that has no special effects or grandiose production. It’s been awhile.

 *The MEAT* The story is *simple and fun*, easy to follow and will make you think about the ending long after its over. “The Favourite” might just surprise you too, just when you think you have it all figured out.

*The POTATOES* The acting is just a *Powerhouse Trio* of Olivia Coleman, Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone. Weisz and Stone have already won Oscars and Coleman, with her bored, daffy Queen portrayal, won Best Actress Oscar this year for this role. I especially enjoyed Rachel Weisz’s performance the best, she was outstanding.

*The Verdict* ‘The Favourite” does live up to all the outstanding reviews and accolades that it received this year. It’s a *Fun Movie* for sure and I do recommend this movie to watch sometime, maybe not in a theater, but Pay-Per-View for sure or a movie channel someday.

 Next week… Back to the Epic, Grandiose, Popcorn Feature!

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