Classic Rock Wednesday

#CLRW What would the 80’s be without Weird Al? For that matter what would any decade be like without him? I know some people that knew his song before they knew the one he was making a parody of. He has left a long lasting touch on multiple generations and is only fair that he has a star on the Walk of Fame.

The video I remember the most had so much hype around the premier it was crazy. A friend of mine had a countdown going and when the day finally arrived our VCR was primed and ready to record. Sure it would be on permeate repeat for the next few months but who knew. The effects, song and the whole idea was groundbreaking. Al even went as far as using the same set from Jacksons video. As the years passed this wouldn’t be the last time he would poke at the King of Pop. He has even gone as far as wearing a fat suit when performing the song live. I’m the Listener and this is one of my standout videos from the 80’s for Classic Rock Wednesday.    

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