Classic Rock Wednesday

“It’s Obvious You Hate Me Though I’ve Done Nothing Wrong”

#CLRW For my last stand out video of the 80’s I’m switching gears. The 80’s to date was the most electric and exciting time of music for me. At no time were there so many choices and ways to explore music and expression. It wasn’t all POP, or Hairbands. There was also the Punk and Electronic starting to fully blossom and nowhere stronger than here in the states as more and more British bands invaded. And why not, Punk was due for it’s time in the light. More and more stations along the east coast grabbing on tight to the new and wonderful sounds coming from across the pond.

There will never be another band like Depeche Mode. You can try, get close to the sound but the music and imagery they produced could never be redone. It was the perfect storm for this band. The sound, the scene and 54 song later one of the greatest bands of all time. They bridged all gaps, and even if you were not into the Punk style music you still loved them. Even some of my heavy metal friends of the day never durned down the chance to give them a listen. I’m The Listener and for your Classic Rock Wednesday best videos of the 80’s I close out with People are People. I dare you not to sing along, see you next week. #Punk #ClassicRock #DepecheMode #PeoplearePeople #TheListener #5280Geek    

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