Classic Rock Wednesday

“It’s You!”

#CLRW This works so well and I am very pleased with myself over it. I have been visiting some of the standout bands from across the pond the last few weeks for Classic Rock Wednesday. Granted todays group is not a “Rock Band” but a powerhouse none the less and a staple in most vinyl collections. They started in 1977, and while I consider the Specials a punk band they have carried an assorted list of different labels including reggae and ska.

Tomorrow is Smurfs birthday, and if there is one thing you should know about him is his love for the movie Gross Point Blank. It was over this film that he and I started our bond and discovered our mutual love of music and similar bands. This is my long distance dedication to the boss, and someone I am lucky enough to call a friend. I raise a glass and a tip of the hat to you sir this one’s on me and I will get the lights for you on the way out. I am The Listener and this weeks Classic Rock Wednesday Dedication is Pressure Drop. #ClassicRock #Punk #TheSpecials #PressureDrop #TheListener #5280Geek  

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