Meat & Potatoes


Hellboy is a very interesting and cool character from the comic book world. Hellboy combines History, Fantasy, the Paranormal, the Devil, King Arthur and even Nazis. So, the story possibilities are endless. But I am weary of another reboot of a franchise they got right the first time around. Judging by the negative reviews and poor box office so far, I am very curious as to what they did to this awesome character in the new movie “Hellboy”

*The MEAT* The story is right out of the comics that’s starts off with a mystery and takes you on an adventure through the Hellboy world, with plenty of action and humor along the way. Overall, I will say it was *Lackluster* because I was expecting more to tell you the truth.

*The POTATOES* David Harbour is the new Hellboy and he is pretty good, but not as good as Ron Perlman’s Hellboy in the previous movies. Daniel Dae Kim and Milla Jovovich are good too, but its Ian McShane who I love to see in almost anything. For that I will give the acting a *Pretty Good* overall.

*The Verdict* Guess I am weary of Reboots of late, so I wasn’t impressed with this new “Hellboy” either. Now it was entertaining and had its moments but not worth seeing on the big screen. I would recommend waiting to *See this one at Home*. Its not as bad as the critics are saying.

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