Classic Rock Wednesday

“Oh We Oh We Oh”

#CLRW Listener here and for this week’s Classic Rock Wednesday going back to 1983. A band with the look, the sound, and the moves are all a benchmark for The Time. The band itself holds a small footnote when talking about the 80’s era but its innovative funk-pop/new wave sound is energizing. But then it doesn’t hurt having Prince as a song writer and producer on the project to help supercharge it.

Jungle Love I think has had more success showing up in TV shows, Movies, and even cartoons than it did as a single from The Times third album. To be honest it’s an easily forgotten song until you hear it and it wasn’t till I saw info on the new Jay and Silent Bob film that made me recall it for this week’s choice.       #ClassicRockWednesday #ClassicRock  #Funk #TheTime #JungleLove #TheListener #5280Geek

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