Classic Rock Wednesday

“And I Think it’s going to be a Long Long Time”

#CLRW Listener here and I had a special request for this week’s edition of Classic Rock Wednesday.  The request was for something off Yellow Brick Road by the powerhouse Elton John. With the new film coming out I decided to take it a step further.

There is no denying the impact Elton has had on the rock world and the domination of charts and hearts of his fans that span the globe. Always an entertainer! Always a vibrant presence where ever he may be. There has not been a decade where he has not had an impact on; he’s worked with Disney, sold over 300 million records, and has been knighted. When I think stage show that is a must see it’s Elton John and I am over the moon about the new film. I had no idea that Taron Egerton could sing but has proven he is very well fitted for this role. That said here is my choice for this week’s song, and one that says it all…Rocket Man. #ClassicRock #Rocketman #EltonJohn #TaronEgerton #NewMovie #TheListener #5280Geek   

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