Meat and Potatoes


*John Wick* was a smaller Hollywood movie that was the dreamchild of a former stuntman in the movie industry who just wanted to choreograph a whole movie full of fight scenes. But he came up with a real cool story about the underground world of assassins too. It turned out to be a fantastic movie and a big hit. That was 5 years ago and like all big movie hits, we get sequels.” John Wick 3: Parabellum” is the latest, I do expect a good time because I love the John Wick world.

*The MEAT* Parabellum, in this movie, comes from a longer Latin phrase that means “if you want peace, then prepare for war” And that’s all John is trying to do, the deeper he goes the more fighting and complex it all gets, but it is a unique world that is explored and that’s why the story is *Pretty Cool*

*The POTATOES* Keanu Reeves is good and so is Halle Berry in a supporting role. But make no mistake, this movie is not about great acting, but all the actors do a *Good Job* at selling their characters on screen. Especially Ian McShane, I love his work in everything. (Anybody else looking forward to the new Deadwood movie in 2 weeks?)

*The Verdict* If you love action, senseless violence, and beautifully choreographed fight scenes with more kills and head shots that you can count? Then this is a great movie to watch on the big screen, especially in a Dolby theater, because it is a *BLAST* I definitely liked it more than “John Wick 2” but not as much as the first one. But hey, “John Wick 1” was a game changer.

Ps. I have to say that the big knife fight scene alone was worth the price of admission. It was awesome!

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