Classic Rock Wednesday

“Like a Record Baby”
#CLRW Listener here, and I decided I had to do this Moment of Geek as my pick for Classic Rock Wednesday. When this song/video hit the airwaves from Dead or Alive in 1985 I was completely pulled in and even wanted to start wearing an eye patch. It dominated the charts here and the UK and in my opinion one of the best samples of what the 80’s was all about. The hair, the fashion, and the abstract imagery that was indicative to the time.
What Fallon and Paul Rudd do in this video is absolutely classic. It does show just how ridiculous and over the top we were but the song itself was great and still a staple in most stations rotations to this day. To this day I’m still not burned out on this song and find myself cranking up. So in honor of all the hairbands across the world, crank it and let you you high hair fly for this Classic Moment of Geek.
#ClassicRock #TonightShow #PaulRudd #DeadorAlive #Spinme #TheListener #MomentofGeek #5280Geek

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