Classic Rock Wednesday

“Every Hands A Winner and Every Hands A Loser”

Listener here, with the Muppet Movie’s 40th anniversary quicly approaching it made me stop and think. I loved this move, was a fan of the show and have all of the different collections you can imagine. What I loved the most about the Muppet Show was the amazing guests they were able to have on. Legends are the easiest way to put it. Vincent Price, John Denver, Alice Cooper, even the cast from Star Wars.

The musical guests were just as impactful to me and opened my eyes to one performer in particular and in my heart one of the best performances on the show. The scene was so well set for the song and it might not be a rock song it does hit you in the feels. So for this week’s Classic Rock Wednesday we step back to 1979; I give you the Gambler by Kenny Rogers.

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