Meat and Potatoes

GodzillaKingMonstersI grew up loving the old Godzilla movies, something about big monsters fighting and destroying everything around them was just cool. I was so happy when the big budget “Godzilla” remake came out in 2014 because it had a lot of Godzilla and Monster fighting with plenty of collateral damage. Basically, Godzilla comes, kick’s butt, destroys cities then returns to the sea a hero. That’s what a Godzilla movie is all about. So, here’s hoping “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” is that and more.

*The MEAT* The story makes sense for once in a Godzilla movie, well about as much sense as a giant lizard movie can be, I guess. But all and all, it was *Okay*

*The POTATOES* The acting was, well what can I say, it was a little *Over the Top*. The main character, played by Kyle Chandler, was a tad bit annoying with his over acting. Everyone else did an admirable job. But acting is not why you see a Godzilla movie, right?

*The Verdict* I have a very good friend that loves all things Godzilla, so I asked him his opinion on “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” He expressed his big disappointment in the fact that there was just not enough Godzilla in this Godzilla movie. And I couldn’t agree more. Especially with all the old Monsters in the previews, I feel a little *Ripped Off* that there wasn’t more Monster fighting in this film, and a little too much talking. Definitely not as good as the last film. So, save your money and wait for it to hit the small screen.

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