Classic Rock Wednesday

“Where the Dogs of Society Howl”
#CLRW Listener here, we were sitting in the bullpen discussing this week’s Meat and Potatoes review for Rocket Man. Both of us may have different views and tastes in music but when it comes to Sir Elton John…the man is a legend and showmen of the highest caliber. I know I have said that about Freddie Mercury, but whereas Freddie was free to move about the stage and had the rest of Queen to back him up. Elton wasn’t as lucky and stationary behind his piano, leaving that his only way to emote and express his power as a performer.

Both are difficult acts to follow, no doubt about it so when I hear someone try a remake I am skeptical. That passion and heart has to be there and without it most times the song comes across hollow. Imagine my surprise when I discovered one of the best versions of the classic Yellow Brick Road I have ever heard. Her name is Sara Bareilles, a pianist and one of the most passionate singers I have seen. She has even preformed With Elton in the past and in my opinion what true heart sounds like in this modern age. To take a 46 year old song from Elton’s seventh album and bring about an emotional response is true magic. Be sure to check out tomorrow’s Meat and Potatoes for Rocket Man and for your Classic Rock Wednesday I give you the best The Yellow Brick Road.
#ClassicRock #YellowBrickRoad #EltonJohn #SaraBareilles #Rocketman#TheListener #5280Geek

#ClassicRock  #YellowBrickRoad  #EltonJohn  #SaraBareilles  #Rocketman #TheListener


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