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Its Elton John’s turn for a big budget biopic now. Hollywood has been on a successful roll lately with Biography pictures, and I do believe Elton’s incredible career and origin story should be quite entertaining, plus for once, the person that the biography is about is actually alive, so this could be interesting for sure.

*The MEAT* The story, unlike “Bohemian Rhapsody”, does get more into the bad side of Elton’s past, which I do appreciate and respect Elton for opening his soul like that. The story also shows the great friendship Elton had with Bernie Taupin his career long music writing partner; it’s truly an awesome friendship. And a *Great Story*

*The POTATOES* Taron Egerton sings, dances and most importantly acts his butt off in this movie. He was born to play Elton John because he plays him *Perfectly* and commands the screen in every scene.

*The Verdict* I *Liked this Movie A Lot*. Elton John said he wanted this film to showcase the music above all else and it certainly does a magnificent job of that. Even the quiet background music in the movie is Elton’s songs that catch your ear perfectly. Plus “Rocketman” plays out more like a Broadway musical in the way it will just bust out in a song and dance number. It really is fun! I recommend “Rocketman” for the big screen with Dolby stereo for sure.

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