Classic Rock Wednesday

“That Kind of Love is Mythical”

#CLRW Over the past couple weeks there has been a long running conversation in the bullpen about songs of the summer and what have had a large social impact. There have been a few we all say jokingly just to get a rise out of someone but it does warrant some thought.

Looking back there was one in particular that was just downright sexy…for the day that is. It’s a product of the age make no mistake but for the summer of 1988 it was everywhere. It has had some long lasting influences, commercials, endless spoofs, and I think has even inspired a theme for a prime-time game show. Simply Irresistible took the number two spot that season right behind Guns and Roses; it did however earn Robert Palmer his second Grammy who passed away in 2003. Face it when it comes to songs for the summer it’s a hard one to beat out, I’m the Listener and here is my choice for Hot Classic Rock Wednesday.

#ClassicRock #Rock #RobertPalmer #SimplyIrresistible #SummerHits #1988 #TheListener #5280Geek

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