Meat and Potatoes

toy story 4If there is one franchise that has never disappointed me, it is be the Toy Story trilogy. I’m not just talking good movies; I’m talking Great Movies and I wonder why they would ever try a fourth film and risk ending the franchise with a bad taste in our mouths, but Pixar is going to try.  Please, don’t let this be a money grab situation, I hope.

*The MEAT* The story continues where they left off after “Toy Story 3”. Of all the Toy Story movies, this one is more Woody centered and kind of leaves the other toys playing much smaller roles this time around, now there is good reason for that, but I won’t tell you. Plus, they do introduce a few more memorable characters that are scene stealers for sure. The story is *Great* and it will tug at your heart strings as well. Its important to note, part of what I love about this franchise is that they don’t repeat stories, they actually move these characters forward, and I do appreciate that.

*The POTATOES* Of course the big voices, Tom Hanks and Tim Allen are back with all our favorite characters. New voices from Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele and Keanu Reeves add their talents to new characters that are a Blast in this film. And given the fact that the animation just blows you away, I have to say it all adds up to an *Outstanding* on my scale.

*The Verdict* Well the gang at Pixar did it again, “Toy Story” is just as good as the previous three movies. From the animation, action, voice talents, fun story, and all-around great time, I do recommend “Toy Story 4” for the big theater experience. It is a *Great Movie*.

Ps. I present this argument; What film franchise, at least three movies or more, are a better quality than the “Toy Story” franchise? Something to think about.

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