Classic Rock Wednesday

“Rock My Soul!”

#CLRW Listener here, I was going to do another hot summer hit but then got into the Fourth of July spirit. Grated the song I have in mind does have a certain style and patriotic for the day but was released in December 1985. It was one of the last hits for the Godfather of Soul and his first in ten years. It never made it to number one did earn a Grammy Award and was a juggernaut in the charts around the world.

I can still see it now, the opening moments of Rocky IV as Apollo Creed comes to the ring. It was an over the top production to be sure but that’s the 80’s for you. A lot of the music video for Living in America in fact are clips of the film complemented by stills and video taken from around the country. It’s James Brown in all his flair doing what he does best and that is putting on a show. For me I still get upset when Apollo goes down, for your independence weekend a very patriotic Classic Rock Wednesday happy 4th of July.


#ClassicRock #Funk #JamesBrown #Godfathersoul #LivinginAmerica #1985 #TheListener #5280Geek

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