Meat and Potatoes

dead banner poster

I figured I would see a smaller, not so epic summer popcorn flick this week. My choices were an” Annabel” sequel, a “Child’s Play” reboot or another zombie flick but staring Bill Murray. Well, of course you had me at Bill Murray, but the fact that I haven’t seen a good Annabel movie yet and another horror movie reboot bores me. So, its Bill Murray, I mean zombie movie that’s going to have to do this week.

*The MEAT* The story involves a very small town dealing with a zombie apocalypse. Yes, it’s been done a zillion times but this one dares to break the fourth wall and make a statement on the world we live in today. Not sure it was necessary, but it just left me *Shaking my Head*.

*The POTATOES* “The Dead Don’t Die” not only has Bill Murray, but also Adam Driver, Steve Buscemi, Dany Glover and Chloe Sevigny as small town people dealing with a zombie outbreak in a very dead pan and dry humor kind of way. Tilda Swinton plays the most interesting character for sure and Iggy Pop plays a perfect zombie, talk about a perfect role for him. But all this talent was a *Waste* because they all didn’t do anything too memorable, that includes the great Bill Murray too.

*The Verdict* “The Dead Don’t Die” was so slow, and dry, but very different from previous zombie movies that I am truly conflicted on a recommendation. It’s not your typical zombie horror film and it’s definitely not in the same realm as “Shaun of the Dead” or “Zombieland”. So, all I can suggest is, if you want to try a weird and unpredictable zombie movie, then this might entertain you. But most likely you will leave this movie like I did, *Feeling like I missed something*, not glad I seen it, but not feeling like I wasted my money either.

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