Classic Rock Wednesday

#CLRW keeping with the Hot Summer Hits idea there was no way getting around this song in my mind. From the master of the 80’s soundtrack Kenny Loggins who dominated just about every popular film of the day. If you were to give the 80’s decade a sound it would have to be Kenny writing the chorus.

It only seems fitting for today’s choice for Classic Rock Wednesday that we take a trip to Bushwood and one of the all time classic films Caddyshack. Love it or hate it the comic legends in this film can never be out done and same goes for the opening song “I’m Alright” that accompanied it in 1980. I’m the Listener and it’s time to Tee Up, grab your driver, put on your best shades, and do your best gopher here is your Classic Rock Wednesday.

#ClassicRockWednesday #1980 #Caddyshack #KennyLoggins #ImAllRight #TheListener #5280Geek

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