Meat and Potatoes

crawl1This week I’m choosing to see “Crawl”. It seems to be getting decent reviews in the Horror/Suspense genre, so my curiosity is willing to give it a go. You never know, sometimes a little movie like this could be the next “Tremors” … I know, wishful thinking, right?

*The MEAT* The story starts off with a good simple premise, two people stuck in a crawl space with a couple of alligators during a hurricane, while the water is quickly filling up the house. And it does have its moments of surprise and shock, but it has those moments that will frustrate you too, because the main characters make dumb decisions. So, I will give the story a *Good Premise* but *Not so Good Delivery*

*The POTATOES* The acting is basically all Kaya Scodelario, who plays the lead and does a *Decent Job* as the reluctant hero that must overcome the odds. And, of course the alligators do a *Good Job* of surprising and scaring you too.

*The Verdict* “Crawl” turned out to be entertaining, but not edge of your seat entertaining if you know what I mean. It kept me interested and curious for sure, but just not enough to recommend it at theater prices. Maybe at matinee prices waiting for it to hit pay-per-view is the better choice because “Crawl” is not a bad way to spend 87 minutes, just not the best way to spend 15 bucks.

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