Classic Rock Wednesday

“Everybody’s Goin’ off the Deep End”

#CLRW When I was growing up I remember one of the local radio stations would play the same song on Friday afternoon. For months same song, same time every Friday without fail to mark the end of their shift and the week and could still be doing that to this day. You would think that sort of repetition would annoy you or grate on ones nerves; I on the other hand found it comforting. I know it really doesn’t fit into my hot summer hit that I have been doing but as we approach the end of July Working for the Weekend touched the heart.

What would the 80’s be without Loverboy? It’s easy to get them confused or lost in the sea of hair bands from the day. Loverboy had slew of different hits (Lovin’ Every Minute of it, Heaven in Your Eyes, and The Kids Hot Tonight) but none that affected the fans or had the impact like Working for the Weekend. Let’s face it the song is a staple and has been in more movies and used at more sporting events then I can count. Fact is even to this day I still love it so for your Classic Rock Wednesday crank it loud and be proud, this is the Listener helping you stay geeky.

#ClassicRock #Loverboy #WorkingfortheWeekend #1981 #TheListener #StayGeeky #5280Geek

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