Meat and Potatoes

lion king bannerJust because you Can do it does not mean you Should do it, right? And if you are going to do it, then you better make it better? Well where the new “Lion King” is concerned, they are messing with perfection because the original cartoon from 1994 is one of the best Disney animated movies of all time. Later, they made it into a Broadway Musical, and it was amazing too. So, it is with great trepidation that I see the new “Lion King”.

*The MEAT* I was hoping that they would inject some of the music from the Musical version to add in this new version so we could get a cool combination of the two. Um, no… that did not happen and in fact, they didn’t include anything from the musical which is a shame because they had Beyonce’ for crying out loud and was it too much to ask for her to do one solo song? Especially when there is a fantastic song from the Musical that her character, Nala, sings. Basically, what we have here is the *Exact Same Story* Also what I found frustrating, they did leave out some of classic funny jokes and scenes that were quite memorable from the original cartoon for reasons I’m not sure why.

*The POTATOES* All the new voice talent was *Top Notch*, and that was to be expected with this amazing cast. I will add that the animation or CGI was off the charts *Amazing*. Every hair and movement of the animals was just perfect including the way they breathe.

*The Verdict* This version of “The Lion King” is good and yes, it has outstanding state-of-the-art CGI animation that makes it look very real, but I think in doing so, it lacks the expressions of the characters that cartoon animation exaggerates so well. So, I just *Cannot Recommend* this movie for the big screen when there is a better version of it running on basic cable right now.

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