Meat and Potatoes

hollywood bannerI’m so excited to see “Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood”. Quentin Tarantino does not make movies too often, this is his 9th to be exact and I am a big fan of all of them. I just love how Tarantino brings amazing Direction, with unique dialog to his films while getting the best performances from his actors. Now, while I admit to loving Tarantino movies, I know there are people who hate them as well, so, I will tell you now, if you don’t like Tarantino movies, you probably won’t like this one either.

*The MEAT* Like most of Tarantino movies, “Hollywood” has a simple story, it is more of a portrait of a time when the golden age of Hollywood was coming to an end, while a new “different” age is coming in; specifically, DiCaprio’s character dealing with the end of an era. And you are put inside this portrait to see, basically how life was then, through Leonardo’s eyes right down to the smallest details. It was *Cool* and I liked it.

*The POTATOES* Leonardo DiCaprio is *Outstanding* here and Brad Pitt plays a perfect support character to Leo’s lead. Margot Robbie is fantastic playing Sharon Tate, who didn’t have a big role in this but was very memorable that’s for sure, which if you think about it, was kind of like Sharon Tate’s real life.

*The Verdict* If I had a complaint about “Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood” is that it didn’t have the excellent dialogue that Tarantino usually writes so well in his movies. Those memorable quotes and lines just were not there this time. Otherwise the acting, directing and the soundtrack was *Most Excellent* Tarantino transports you to another place and time and it is very enjoyable. I do recommend this for the big screen; just get a good, comfortable seat because the movie is long. But I must point out, of the 9 movies made by Tarantino, I would put this one in the bottom half.

p.s. *Warning* there is a very graphically violent scene that is a little too extreme by even Tarantino standards, it left me disturbed and curious as to why Tarantino had to go there. If this might bother you and without spoiling it, I will just say, when you see something that seems a tad too brutal, close your eyes…Because it will keep going for far too long.

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