Meat and Potatoes

good boysSeth Rogan and his partner, Evan Goldberg are just pumping out the film and TV shows of late. Usually a little warped and dirty, their films make good money, and are funny. So, I’m off to see their new small film “Good Boys”, I’m not expecting a younger “Superbad” movie, but I do hope to laugh a lot.

*The MEAT* It’s a coming of age story between 3 very young boys in the sixth grade. Of course, there is a lot of profane humor and adult subject matter that the boys just don’t understand and must cope with. But at the core of this story is a very *Heartfelt Message*

*The POTATOES* All the young actors did a *Great Job* at just being kids. I know that sounds simple enough, but sometimes that just isn’t the case in Hollywood.

*The Verdict* If you like raunchy humor, and you’re up for a cute little adventure, then I do believe you will like “Good Boys”. It’s entertaining and gives you a lot of laugh out loud moments. But honestly, you can get its full effect watching it at home someday. So, I do recommend this movie for the Netflix/Pay-per-view audience. It’s just *Not Good Enough* for theater prices.

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