Classic Rock Wednesday

#CLRW Listener here, nothing like a two week long road trip to bring out the musical hits and oddities; everything from Patsy Cline to old DR. Demento shows taped by yours truly. Yes you read that correctly, an actual cassette tape and while the thought of a head unit in my car that can accommodate this choice seems odd rest assured plenty of off key singing still occurred.

Key among these songs was the king of all road trip albums from the Easy Rider Soundtrack by Steppenwolf. Not to over look the tremendous contribution Steppenwolf made to the music industry giving a voice to a generation. Part of that voice is no better personified than the ride down the long road of Easy Rider. I still get chills to this day thinking about Peter and Dennis blazing down the highway. So for this week’s Classic Rock Wednesday and my return from vacation I give you the best song to start any trip by, Born to Be Wild.

#ClassicRock #EasyRider #Steppenwolf #BorntobeWild #1968 #TheListener #StayGeeky #5280Geek

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