Classic Rock Wednesday


#CLRW it’s September and that can mean only one thing, time to remember one of the greatest bands of all time and one that is recognized the world over like the Who, Beatles, and The Rolling Stones. Of course I’m talking about Led Zeppelin. A band that without a doubt left its mark on the rock and roll world unlike any other; influencing bands, artists and hopeful guitar players living in their parents basement alike.

Zeptember as I have heard it referred to over the years commemorates the month Zeppelin took to the stage with its new name after closing the door on the Yardbirds one. What’s in a name you ask? It’s hard to deny the success of the band after the change and lasting effect to the rock world today.  Make no mistake there was more than just a cosmetic change there was an adjustment to the lineup that would change Rock and Roll forever. Recently Heart came through and closed the concert with their tribute to the band. While it’s still an amazing performance and I love their take on the song I think they did a more impressive rendition years ago and is what I want to leave you with for this week’s Classic Rock Wednesday. I’m The Listener and this Stairway to Heaven from one legend to another.

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