Meat and Potatoes

joker bannerBatman’s main nemesis gets his own movie in the “Joker”. This time Todd Phillips is co-writing and directing this adaptation of the clown prince of crime. Yes, Todd Phillips who is best known for his “Hangover” trilogy and starring Joaquin Phoenix as the joker himself. Now if any actor can follow Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger, I do believe Joaquin can, but I’m skeptical of the Director of “Borat” taking on such a serious subject matter of the origin of the Joker.

*The MEAT* The story is very dark with many layers that go deep into the human psyche that is teetering on the edge of madness. Todd Phillips pulls this off *Magnificently* I don’t usually give such praise, but the Directing was so good that it enhanced this already disturbing subject matter to a whole new level where you are stuck on every scene with anticipation and fear.

*The POTATOES* Speaking of another level, Joaquin Phoenix is simply *Amazing* I mean he commands the screen with *Brilliance*. His expressions, his movements and even his eyes through all the clown makeup help show what his character is going through in a way only a master actor can do, or maybe someone who might be a little insane himself. Either way, he has my vote for Best Actor.

*The Verdict* This is *Movie Making at its Best* The Acting and Directing is off the chart. I can’t believe Todd Phillips did such an amazing job, so I highly recommend “Joker” for the big screen experience. But and I can’t emphasize this enough, “Joker” is not a film for kids and not even a film for some adults that may find the subject matter a little too disturbing because it is very dark and mentally terrifying. “Joker” is not a comic movie at all in the traditional sense, but it makes me so happy that Hollywood can do something like this with a comic book character. Just imagine what will be next.

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