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Top 20 Best Vehicles in Pop Culture

by John Andreula


Everybody needs a ride sometimes…

Regular people, superstars, and even everyone’s favorite superheroes need vehicles to get them from place to place. Han Solo and Chewy have the Millennium Falcon. Captain Kirk has the USS Enterprise. There are countless sweet whips throughout television, movies, and comic books.

Here at 5280 Geek we love to debate basically everything. This week we look at the automobiles, ships, and pilotable robots that run the gamut of popular culture.

Here’s our list of the top twenty. Buckle up!


The Flintstones Car

The Flintstones.

This fantastic open-air car is both literally and figuratively the oldest car that made the list.

This is what cars looked like when you could work on them yourself.

As an added bonus, the callouses on the bottoms of the driver’s feet allowed them to walk on just about anything.


Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing

r2d2 xwing

Expecting the Millennium Falcon?

Although it is roomy and adequate for picking up princesses in distress, the X-Wing is on a whole other level.

We could stop at the fact that R2D2 is the copilot and wing man, but lets not forget, it also blows up the Death Star.

Sorry, Han.


Aladdin’s Magic Carpet

alladin's carpet

Aladdin’s Magic Carpet gets him places in style.

Your girlfriend’s at the sultan’s palace and guarded by a tiger? Not a problem.

The carpet also really ties any room together.


The Firebolt


Brooms are the wizarding world’s motorcycle.

The Firebolt is its Ducati!

Imagine flying around hundreds of feet in the air at high speed on just a broomstick…

Someone’s going to have to change their pants…


Nimbus Cloud

nimbus cloud

A cloud is probably not technically a vehicle.

Just don’t tell Goku.

Before the universe’s strongest Saiyan becomes a god or can fly by his own volition, he flies around on—wait for it—a cloud.

Nimbus comes when it is summoned and even stays functional long enough for Goku to pass it down to his son. Not bad for a first ride…




If you were a kid in the 1980s you probably wanted KITT to be your first car.

It has flashing LEDs before there was even such thing as LEDs. The car talks. It even has a snarky sense of humor.

KITT might be the best car ever that doesn’t travel through time.


Krang’s Android Body


Krang is certainly a surreal and twisted thing to be exposed to as a child…

But if one is a demented, genius brain, this lumbering android body isn’t a bad vehicle to be plotting and scheming from within.


Pee-Wee’s Bicycle

pee wee bike

On its own Pee-Wee’s bike isn’t more than a tricked out Elektra Townie, but tracking it down after being stolen sure makes for one wild adventure.

Without it, there would have never been a Large Marge…

large marge


The Blackbird Jet


Underneath Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters is stealth reconnaissance aircraft that transports the X-Men to wherever they need to be.

Somehow most of the X-Men know how to fly this vertical lift-off weapon of mass destruction. Score one for ease of use over in the plus column.

Strangely enough, the Blackbird is often seen in blue.


The A-Team Van

a team van

Pity the fool who steps to the A-Team’s van.

Bad ass doesn’t just describe its paint job and durability, but it’s driven by a guy who’s initials literally stand for Bad Ass.

It loses some points for looking a bit kidnappy.


Sky Bison

sky bison

These are basically very cuddly flying buses.

Anyone who wants their vehicle to also be their pet needs one.

Pick the right one because they’ll bond for life.


Joust Ostrich

joust ostrich

These birds can’t really do much besides walk and—ironically enough for an ostrich—fly, but it still made the list as one of the few organic living rides.

Now where’s the armor and lances?




Proton packs and spectral containment traps sure get heavy after a full day of ghost busting. Someone’s probably going to need a spacey ride to store them in when finished. Why not a hearse?

Ironically, this is the car your most likely to see driving around in the real world. Shout outs to 5280 Geek extended family Colorado Ghostbusters.




This small green remote controlled car has blue flames painted on the sides. They obviously make it faster.

RC aids the escape and rescue of countless lost toys.

Just don’t forget to pack the extra batteries.




Baymax is only very loosely interpreted as a vehicle. However, Hiro Hamada can fly around on his back.

What an incredible vehicle he is. Baymax is a medic, a superhero, an interdimensional traveler, and comedic fodder all rolled into one.

Disney sure can create some cool rides!


Iron Man’s Armor

iron man

Armor was cool enough in the middle ages.

Fast forward to the comic book present and armor flies, blasts stuff, and can even fight The Incredible Hulk.

Plus, there are so many different versions to choose from…


Big O

big o.JPG

That is one huge robot!

Smash some other big robots while having a cup of tea in the cockpit.


Outlaw Star

outlaw star

Only one ship will get its crew to the Galactic Leyline, the only place in the universe where the key to faster-than-light space travel technology is hidden.

That ship is crewed by bounty hunter pirates.

It also has arms that wield weapons and grapple with other ships.


The Delorean

delorean 2

Time travel.

We don’t even have to say anything else.


The Autobots


Can transforming automobiles and aircraft possibly be better than a time travelling car with gull-wing doors, a fifty-story tall mech, or a fighting ostrich?


Robots obviously make the best vehicles, but robots that turn into cars, trucks, and planes are even better.

Add to that the propensity to defend innocent human-kind from the forces of evil, as well as wanting to be our friends, and there is a clear winner. It’s the Autobots!


We hope you enjoyed reading our list of the best vehicles in pop culture as much as we did creating it.

Unfortunately, there is no possible way to include every one.

If you noticed a glaring omission or an irresponsible snub feel free to use the comment section below to chastise us.

And until next time…

Stay geeky!

pumpkin carriage

John Andreula is a writer, geek, and master-debater residing in the foothills of Colorado.

More of his works of can be found at:

Moving On Upwards & Failing Upwards

Reach him at:


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