Smurfs High Five

#NewComicsDay If you are brave enough to venture out in the cold you should have something to focus on, and for the rest who are not living in Colorado here are Smurfs #Top5 picks. It’s a strong horror filled week with plenty of treats on the shelves for the overactive comic book enthusiast. Our sponsor All C’s Collectibles is handing out a discount at checkout if you mention this; Happy Halloween.

red goblin 1Red Goblin Red Death #1> DEAD IS THE NEW RED!
In order to finally destroy Spider-Man once and for all Norman Osborn joined himself with the Carnage symbiote, becoming the Red Goblin! Here at last are the untold stories of the Red Goblin’s rein of madness and mayhem! So grab your greatest goblin gear and rend your raiments red, for the Red Goblin rides again! (S) Patrick Gleason, Rob Fee, Sean Ryan (A) Pete Woods (CA) Philip Tan

Smurfs Take> I have to admit when this happened I just shook my head think no way Norman would do that. The story moves on and that’s all I could think, wasn’t a bad story and maybe it was my own bias getting in the way of it being a great story. Maybe with this it will help fill in some of the blanks and doubts.

dceased 6Dceased #6> Humanity is on the brink of extinction, and only a few remaining members of the Justice League stand between life and annihilation. As the remnants of humanity make their last gamble for survival, will there even be a planet left to call home when all is said and done? The senses-shattering conclusion to the year’s surprise blockbuster is here! (S) Tom Taylor (A) Trevor Hairsine, Neil Edwards, Stefano Guadiano (CA) Mark Brooks

Smurfs Take> How does the world end? Is it with a whimper or a groan? The story has been good and the art some of the best around the titles. Worth the read without a doubt and does what DC is good at, tell a compelling story that entertains that may or may not impact continuity.  

helboy goloski stationHellboy &BPRD Long Night at Goloski Station> A quiet night at a rundown Russian train station turns into an all-out demon battle for Hellboy when three sinister interlopers pass through. (S) Mike Mignola (A) Matt Smith (CA) Mike Mignola

Smurfs Take> It wouldn’t be Halloween with a Hellboy story! The last few stories have been terrific, and leave me eagerly awaiting another issue. Maybe it’s the not knowing when the next one will be, or all of the stories have been that strong and the creative team is just in the zone. It could be all of this and more but there hasn’t been a bad issue in forever and you are missing out on some spectacular storytelling if you are leaving this on the shelf.

excalibur 1Excalibur #1> A NEW DAWN IS FORGED!
The Otherworld is rocked by war! It is a new era for mutantkind as a new Captain Britain holds the amulet, fighting for the Kingdom of Avalon with her Excalibur at her side – Rogue, Gambit, Rictor, Jubilee…and Apocalypse. (S) Tini Howard (A) Marcus To (CA) Mahmud Asrar

Smurfs Take> Wait? What? Did I miss something? Apocalypse part of an X-Team, please let this be that kid version of him all grown up. Back in the day this was a great title and the team made total sense. Sure it went off the rails but it was something fresh and new. Maybe we will see a repeat, something unexpected and what the Exiles tried to be.

marvel zombies 1Marvel Zombies Resurrection #1> THE HORROR SMASH-HIT LIVES AGAIN!
When Galactus’ corpse appears at the edge of Earth’s solar system, the Avengers, X-Men and Fantastic Four investigate. Too late, they discover that Galactus’ body is now the vessel of an interstellar terror, which one-by-one transforms Earth’s Mightiest Heroes into the universe’s most terrifying predators! As our heroes try to escape the superpowered, cannibalistic aberrations that were once their friends and family, will any survive? And even if they do, can they hope to protect Earth from the infestation that has already claimed half of the known universe?
Don’t miss the FIRST ISSUE of this terrifying new vision of the classic Marvel tale! (S) Phillip Kennedy Johnson (A) Leonard Kirk (CA) In-Hyuk Lee

Smurfs Take> Just in time for Halloween and I think that is the only reason this made it into the top 5. I do wonder if there is some different direction they can take the story but should be a fun zombie tale and it’s entertaining seeing the heroes get taken out at times.


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