Meat and Potatoes

Dr Sleep bannerThe “Shining” is, arguably one of the best movies in history. Besides the great acting what made it so good was the great Director, Stanley Kubrick did the adaptation to film from the best-selling book by Stephen King. Only problem, Kubrick made a bunch of changes that King did not like but could do nothing about because Kubrick had full creative control over the film. So, the result was an unusual marriage between two of the best artists of the times, and a classic film was made because of it. Now why would anyone, including King, want to go there again? Because they are literally messing with one of the great happy accidents in film history.

*The MEAT* The story takes place a long time after the “Shining”, where the young boy, Danny Torrance is now in his forties with all kinds of demons from his childhood as you can imagine. Now the cool thing is that “Dr Sleep” focuses on the power of the Shinning and other people that possess it too. So, it’s more of an extension story than a typical sequel story. Which was very *Refreshing* I must say.

*The POTATOES* Ewan McGregor is a good actor and he gives another good performance here. But Rebecca Ferguson simply gives an *Awesome* performance as the antagonist Rose the Hat. Her performance is as menacing as it is memorable. I have been a Rebecca Fergusson fan since “Mission Impossible; Rogue Nation” and I’m telling you; she has got to be one of the most underrated actresses in the business. This performance deserves recognition and will have you wanting more.

*The VERDICT* By the time I write this I come to find out that “Dr Sleep” had a very disappointing opening weekend at the box office and that makes me sad because this is actually a *Very Good Movie* and I do recommend it to go see in the theaters. I think the problem is that the movie audience is just tired of sequels and reboots from movies that were just fine the first time around or didn’t need a sequel. But “Dr Sleep” is an original idea that is an expansion from an old movie that works well all on its own.

Stay Geeky.

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