Classic Rock Wednesday

#CLRW Listener here with a fresh request from one of the most overlooked albums in rock history. I myself have frequently backlogged to the darker parts of the playlist running at home or in the car. I consider myself a Stones fan, I never resist the chance to blast them in the car so when this came across my desk I couldn’t resist.

Goats Head Soup in my opinion is a mishmash of different styles and feels for the band as they looked for a certain feel. It’s their 11 album at this point so who could blame them? But for all of the different styles and labels fans felt they need to attach to the album none rose to the top for me like 100 Years Ago. It like Exile on Main St was produced outside of the UK because of the bands actual exile status but to the listener you wouldn’t have a clue. Still delivering on the bands deep imagery and soul propelling lyrics 100 years is a solid hit and never seems to suffer from nowhere to call home. And as the movies continue to do the deep dive for the right music I have no doubt this will be one we see visited more often. Absolutely classic perfection!

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