Meat and Potatoes

KNIVES-OUT-teaser-poster“Knives Out” is getting a lot of good reviews and major publicity. It looks like an old *Who Done It* story with a lot of well-known actors in it. So, let’s see if it lives up to the hype and maybe, just maybe delivers on some good surprises and fun too.

*The MEAT* The story is a basic murder mystery where you get to follow the clues and try to solve the mystery. Except the execution was done poorly here, which kind of *Ruined* the whole purpose of the movie.

*The POTATOES* A very large acting cast here, led by James Bond himself, Daniel Craig who plays a good character as the main investigator in the mystery and I liked his portrayal a lot. But I was disappointed in the limited role that Michael Shannon had, he is way better than the material he had to work with here. In fact, you can say that with all the actors in this movie. And, unfortunately, I have to say that Chris Evans wasn’t good at all. Couple more roles like this and he will be begging Marvel to make another Cap film.

*The VERDICT* “Knives Out” is a great example of marketing done right, especially considering that the previews looked pretty darn good. Only problem, the movie did not live up to the promotion. As far as murder mysteries go, this one came up short with not enough twists and the big reveal was hardly a surprise at all. Save your money on this one because “Knives Out” is *A Dud*.

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