Classic Rock Wednesday

#CLRW Listener here and for this week’s Classic Rock Wednesday and I have been strangely inspired. Not by the casual passing’s in the day, or by a book I’m deeply involved in but by a TV show.
It’s hard not to miss the major CW crossover event pulling from the largest endeavor ever by DC comics. And I may not have been heavily into comics back in the day even I’m aware of Crisis on Infinite Earths and the weight it carries. Much to my surprise during the show last night a character from another show I’m hooked on thanks to Smurf showed up.
Lucifer, a character created by Neil Gaiman had a decent run as a comic series long before it became a show. There are a lot of qualities of the show I find extremely entertaining and I doubt I will ever read it because I think for the first time the show is far superior. From the standpoint of how the character engages the world and the soundtrack. I never knew Tom Ellis as an actor before this and when he did this song in the show I had to stop and take notice. There have been plenty of covers and different renditions of the song, one even by Dave Matthews. To see it so well done by one of the most unexpected outlets is refreshing and noteworthy in my book. It may never hold up against the original, its hard to fill Hendrix’s shoes but I think he would appreciate it. For Classic Rock Wednesday I give you All Along The Watchtower performed by the devil himself.

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