Classic Rock Wednesday

#CLRW Listener here and for the record I’m not forever locked in Classic Rock, it may be my happy place most times of the day but I do venture into other strange lands of music. Now I know we have started a new decade to the surprise of many, since money was on us not surviving 2019. It’s with this in mind that I had to play today choice for Classic Rock Wednesday and the new opportunities that await us all in 2020. So much can be done, so much can be accomplished, so much to experience working towards better versions of ourselves. It was years ago when I first saw this video and if you have seen it before I apologize, but maybe share it with someone who hasn’t.

The power of music in my mind is unlike any other in the universe, able to move you to an emotional state with a simple chord or tune. The weight it carries is astonishing to me for something that lacks a true solid form yet you feel it all the same. Those are some of the thoughts I had when I listen to this song, as if I was standing there holding the camera while they filmed it in the forgotten corner of an unknow stairwell. I don’t know where this couple are today in the musical career but for me this will always stand out in the voices of thousands. Here’s to a new year, here’s to a new decade, and may be all the more wiser by its end.


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