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#NewComicsDay is at last here, feels like it took forever this week. Here are Smurfs #Top5 picks for books hitting shelves at a shop near you. Sponsored by All C’s Collectibles offering a discount at checkout for mentioning this.

Venom endVenom The End #1> THE FINAL VENOM STORY!
The alien symbiote who bonded with Eddie Brock has been through a lot… but not nearly as much as he has coming. In a tale that literally spans over a trillion years, Venom travels the length of space and time as the last defender of life in the universe! (S) Adam Warren (A) Chamba (CA) Rahzzah

Smurfs Take> When Hulk the End came out back in the day I had no idea it was going to start such a trend. I’m excited to read this but worry it may come a little too close to Cosmic Ghostrider. The regular title for Venom has been going strong and so much so I think Marvel is willing to try to expand on that. I just want to see how it all ends.

hellboy winter specialHellboy Winter Special 2019> Celebrate the season in true Hellboy fashion!
Meet a ghostly miser in an alternate reality, fear the Boogam of rural New York, and embrace the wrath of St. Hagan in this trio of occult winter tales! The familiar faces of Hellboy, Sarah Jewell, and the legendary Knights of St. Hagan will help you ring in the new year with all the shivers you can take-and not all of them from the cold!
Three short stories in one issue! (S) Mike Mignola, Chris Roberson, Scott Allie (A) Mark Laszlo, Leila Del Duca, Andrea Mutti (CA) Mike Mignola

Smurfs Take> Love me some short stories, it’s like three comics in one.


Rom 1Rom Dire Wraiths #1> “Inhumanauts,” Part 1: In 1969, two American astronauts became the first humans to set foot on Earth’s moon… but they found something inhuman waiting for them! With Rom the Spaceknight nowhere in sight, can even the Earth Corp help prevent one giant leap for Wraithkind? Plus! Find out where Rom is in a special back-up story with art by Guy Dorian Sr. and Rom legend Sal Buscema!
* The return of Rom! Helmed by Rom fan-favorite writer Chris Ryall and new-to-ROM artist Luca Pizzari (Weapon X, Black Knight)! (S) Chris Ryall (A) Guy Dorian, Sal Buscema (A/CA) Luca Pizarri

Smurfs Take> Perhaps it’s just the little kid in me remembering playing with my Rom toy. I have always love this character and the fact that they are finally expanding on his story is fantastic.

flash 86Flash #86> The Flash battles Captain Cold for the last time! The Rogues’ Reign is a brutal battle for power over Central City, but the tides are turning and the reign approaches a deadly end! With the Speed Force in chaos, can Glider help channel Flash’s powers long enough to overthrow her brother, Captain Cold? (S) Joshua Williamson (A) Christian Duce (CA) Rafael Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona

Smurfs Take> I can’t say one of the best Flash stories in a while. This title has one great issue after another for some time and they just keep coming. This does however look to be an awesome fight.



ravencroft 1Ruins of Ravencroft Sabretooth #1> The history of the Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane has been shrouded in mystery for years. NO LONGER! In the wake of ABSOLUTE
CARNAGE, the facility’s past has started to unravel, and in doing so has revealed hidden chapters in the lives of some of the Marvel Universe’s most recognizable heroes and villains! (S) Frank Tieri (A) Guillermo Sanna, Angel Unzueta (CA) Gerardo Sandoval

Smurfs Take> The real appeal for this story for me is the Mr. Sinister tie in. I always thought they could have done more with his character in the X-Men series and I hope that is this case for this series. Seeing who else got locked up will be an added bonus, oh and hey Sabretooth too.

metals statueDark Nights Metal Batman Who Laughs & Robins Statue> Completing DC Collectibles’ DARK NIGHTS: METAL statue line, the final epic piece features the Batman Who Laughs and Robin minions! Standing tall and imposing, surrounded by his three Robin minions in chains, the Batman Who Laughs is here to haunt your nightmares. Whether on its own or with the other DARK NIGHTS: METAL statues, this one definitely represents the comic in the most iconic way possible, while paying homage to Greg Capullo’s design of the character.
•  Limited to 5,000 pieces and individually numbered
•  Statue measures 8.135″ tall
•  Allocations may occur

Smurfs Take> My god what a statue! This whole series has been one great hit after another and they have saved the best for last. This will be one of those statues they talk about for years to come that they let slip away. Forget just how amazing the story is behind this piece and the picture really can’t do it justice because when you see it up close there is no way you will want to leave it behind.

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