Classic Rock Wednesday

#CLRW Recently we lost a legend in the rock world and it just about broke my heart. I can count a number of amazing guitarist and have held many debates on the best but I can only count on one hand drummer’s of equal skill and talent. Ones that have left a mark on the rock and roll world that far outreach the band or bands they have sat with. Known to many as The Professor and a slew of other nicknames depending on what Rush Backstage Club you were part of is regarded as the best of all time. Make no doubt, Rush is a legend and will be forever remembered in the great hall of Rock and Roll but Neil Peart I believe will have a section all his own.

Joining the band on their second album many say it was because of him that help catapult the band so far ahead with his skill and ability to adapt to just about anything; everyone will agree it was a perfect match for something magnificent. Lending not only his skill on a drum set but to the sound and lyrics as well that were the benchmark for the band but more importantly then that, his friendship. The members of Rush have bond unlike most bands of the day and while we lost yet another legend they lost a brother. I’m the Listener and for todays Classic Rock Wednesday I give you a true one of a kind musician, the animal on the drums Neil Peart.


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