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Hey all, want to try something new this year and help some of the readers out there. One of the most commonly asked questions I get is what trade I recommend they should read. Not the easiest answer when I thought about it with out knowing what they read, like, or have already picked up and then it occurred to me that maybe I should put out there what I think are some of the must have’s, the staples if you will, and best reads. So going forward, every week I’m going to let you know what’s caught my eye over the years and why it’s currently on the shelf in the study.

Asgardain Wars> This was one of my very first trade paperbacks back in the day, when all I wanted was just the actual comic, in my own silly mind trying to be a purest of some sort and why would I want it in a trade when I have the issues. Well I quickly realized why because I read the shit out of this one and I’m surprised it even has a spine at this point.

Key Points> The two major selling points for me on this one was firstly the artist. To this day ranks as an all-time favorite trade and in the top 5 greatest for me. Collecting New Mutants Special #1, X-Men Annual #9, and X-Men and Alpha Flight 1&2 with Arthur Adams style and stunning line work brought the X-Men to life like no other…well maybe except John Byrne. Second was the X-Men in Asgard! This was huge and was such a perfect fit in my mind for the characters, mystic powers meets mutant powers; I never wanted them to leave. It also gave us one of the best Storm characters in the form of the Goddess of Thunder. wars

Negative Zone> This hasn’t been in print for a very long time, and I don’t see any reason that Marvel would bring it back. Right now in fact if you could find the issues you could probably get a great deal since the X-Men stock is sort of on the low side.

Stay Geeky

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