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Locke & Key Welcome to Love Craft> I know with the recent adaptations from book to screen some have gone better than others. I also know this one has been passed on a couple of times saying it was too scary for network or they just didn’t get it.

Key Points> I have loved Joe Hill for a while now and Horns is a great book, but what seemed like the best fit for him at least for Locke & Key was in a comic or graphic. The story is very visually driven and I think the “Key Elements” would have been lost in a novel format. The family is dealing with their loss of the father who was murdered in some very different ways and that helps open them up to something very unique, and dark at the same time. I remember reading the first issue and totally blown away at the idea and the potential of the keys. You find yourself asking, how many are there? (18 in total) What can they all do? What’s the next one they find capable of? And all the while avoiding the monster lurking in the shadows that’s coming for them. The best thing is Joe doesn’t go easy on the characters and there are some amazing sequences that really drive the story complemented by a few twists you don’t expect. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without Gabriel Rodriguez doing a phenomenal job on the art, even bought one of the Art Portfolios I was so captivated by his work. I know once you read the first trade you are going to be hooked and want to see what happens with the Locke family, which wont be hard since there are only 6 trades in the series with another one that has a few stories that happen earlier in the Keyhouse’s history. If you have listened to us on the podcast you will know how excited I am for this coming to Netflix this week and just how close I have been following its development. I can’t wait to see just how much of the comic will come to life on the screen and just how dark they are going to let it go and here’s a chance for you to get ahead of the story a little.

Locke & Key 1-6Negative Zone> If I am going to have any problems with Locke & Key it’s more with the series than this collection. As the story progressed there were a couple of problems with the character development in my opinion and made a couple of choices I think limited the over all story. I also think knowing where the keys came from should have remained part of the mystery along with Keyhouse. Something that I think could have been explored in latter issues as they have done some of the single standalone issues after the series concluded, if ever at all. I also wouldn’t call this a horror story, maybe elements of it do cross into that darker shade but I would call it more of a fantasy since we do focus a lot on a child’s imagination.

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  1. Smurf, you totally stole my thunder this week!. . .
    But I get it. This week’s Quarters Worth was going down the same road.
    And I finally get to outgeek you on something. . .
    There were two graphic novels outside of the “Phantom Menace” storyline (Joe Hill’s title, not mine), Grindhouse & Small World.
    Grindhouse collected the Moon Door story as well as the self-titled one about the gangsters. It also included a short that must have been a FCBD release or something. The short wasn’t very good, but the other two make Grindhouse worth the read.
    Small World featured the same early Lockes from the Moon Door story and was release 3 years after the conclusion of the series. It too was good, but perhaps a bit short.
    Hill & Rodriguez say they have a few more stories planned for that family and will most likely release a graphic novel collecting their tale.
    Additionally and finally, the creative team also says they have a plan for entire new series, but have no commitment it will ever see the light of day.
    I sure hope it does!
    And I hope that’s staying geeky enough for you.


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