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Good Time To Be A Geek:

Top Ten Reasons Now Is A Better Time Than Any Other In History

Written by John Andreula

Edited by Kodid Laraque-Two Elk


We’ve heard it countless times before, old people.

Back in my day. . .

Back in your day televisions were ten inches, black and white, only got three channels. You had to walk up to them to turn them on and off.

There was a military draft. African Americans couldn’t frequent the same businesses as whites, let alone drink from the same fountain or marry outside of their race.

So no, your time wasn’t better than ours right now. In fact, there has never been a better time to be alive.

Sure the 1990s was the final decade when young folks could ride their bike off their block until after dark and parents wouldn’t worry too much, but aside from that what else was truly better?

After pondering our time’s magnificence, we have come up with a list of reasons why it’s better to be alive today than it was at any other time in history. And spoiler alert: soap and mass transportation aren’t among the reasons we’ve selected. Who still uses soap anyway?

Here it is. The 5280 Geek top ten reasons now is better than all other thens. Enjoy.

High Speed Internet


In just the blink of an eye anyone can connect with family, friends, and frenemies all over the globe. We can listen to songs, watch TV shows and movies, and even read books on our phones or computers. We don’t even have to acquire a physical copy to upload it anymore.

People can buy goods that will be delivered the following day to our homes, work, or the bus stops we like to loiter at.

If we have a question that needs to be answered or researched, a quick web search will find anything our demented and nerdy minds impulsively imagine. We certainly have come a long way from carrier pigeons, the Pony Express, and dial-up modems.


Video Games


Visited Dave & Buster’s lately? If anyone has they know the future is now!

The seizure inducing experiences found in modern arcades should be enough said, but there’s so much more.

Thanks to virtual reality headsets, 4K television monitors and crisp surround sound systems, gaming has never been more intense and immersive. Smart phones, tablets, and devices like the Nintendo Switch make it so we no longer require hardwired consoles, controllers, or internet connections to game.

Intellectual properties are being released so often it makes heads spin. Luckily that’s how they’re designing the experience. The greatest hits of yesteryear are getting face-lifts and steroid injections as well. Have you seen how the big brains have modernized Pac-Man, Mario Kart, and Space Invaders? There’s even four-sided iterations of Air Hockey and Pong.




Thanks to numero uno on our list, high speed internet, we have been afforded many other modern blessings. One of the first that comes to mind is internet streaming.

There’s Netflix, hulu, Spotify, Pandora, Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime, HBO GO, and Disney Whatever. Countless new streaming services are popping up almost daily.

Monthly service costs about the equivalent of an individual’s weekly coffee budget. In other words, they’re totally accessible. There’s plenty of free options, like YouTube, out there as well.

We used to have to spend money on Laserdiscs, 45s, 8-tracks, and Betamax tapes, only to watch or listen to any a handful of times at most. Now viewing and listening options are easy, space-efficient, and endless.

Best of all, if you opt to use paid services there are no commercials. . .zilch. . .nada. Eat it advertisers!


Live Music


This will probably get the most push-back of the entire list, but stay with us.

It was probably something special to see Michael Jackson, Queen, James Brown, or The Beatles live. Music on its own today may not hold a candle to the all-time greats of the past. However, live music today is an entirely different experience than it has ever been before.

Sound engineering and production capabilities are far superior than ever. Music is clearer and louder. Listening to a live show at most venues around the world is far closer to hearing a professional recording than has ever been possible.

Then there’s the stage sets. Lighting, video screens and pyrotechnics dwarf anything done previously. Artists and production professionals continuously challenge themselves to one-up what they and their contemporaries have just accomplished.

The immense size and crystal clarity of stage monitors and the accompanying insane lasers make live performances more science fiction than music. Live music has truly become spectacle.


Online Sales


Let’s face it, retail stores suck, malls sucks, and having a bunch a crap in our homes that we don’t want and never use sucks worst of all. Thankfully we live in an age where it’s no longer necessary to put up with any of that.

With only a couple of clicks on a mouse or taps on a screen you can order groceries, office supplies, gifts, and pretty much anything a geeky, freaky mind desires. If we don’t like what we’ve ordered it’s almost as simple to return the items without ever having to step foot outside our homes. Most online retailers today offer generous return policies. Some even include return labels and instructions with purchases.

In addition to avoiding exposure to whatever virus or mass hysteria is spreading in the public at any given moment we can also sell all our aforementioned clutter with ease. Bonus points are accumulated for printing shipping labels at home and skipping the god-awful queue at the post office.


Smart Phones


Just as live music will, smart phones can definitely be argued from the other end. The detriment associated with these small rectangular leashes, as well as our society’s propensity for addiction to them, are well documented. But it sure is sweet that we almost never need our computers for anything anymore.

Smart phones do everything. Email. . .check. Photographs. . .check. Wallet. . .check. Nudey magazines. . .eww, but still check! The list goes on and on and on.

Smart phones allow us to stalk—that is—track, our significant others. We can send flowers when we’re busted. We can troll favorite celebs or locate hip, new restaurants while visiting towns we’re unfamiliar with. We can do all of these from anywhere.




Have we beaten this horse enough yet? Technology is a vague concept, but it’s the reason everything else before it on this list exists and is accessible.

Have you used a Bluetooth wireless device yet? Have you seen a new TV screen in the last couple of years? Gone to a big budget film in theaters like Rise of the Skywalker, Avengers: Endgame, or anything produced by Pixar?

Modern tech allows us to drive cars that don’t require gas—heck, the cars drive themselves. We can possess currency that isn’t beholden to dysfunctional corporate banks or fascist governments. We can even play fantasy football.


Free Stuff


From this website to the couches and mattresses scored on Nextdoor and Craigslist, there is abundant free stuff available to anyone willing to pick it up.

Givers want to reduce the excesses in their life and are happy to part with their unnecessary shit. Many websites offer free content. Companies and brands have giveaways and host free parties and events regularly to increase exposure in the ever-increasingly noisy modern world.

Freedom may not be free, but that next episode of a favorite anime on Crunchy Roll sure is. And let’s not pretend we’re not trading log-in credentials with family and friends to those previously named online streaming services.




Mixed marriages are no longer looked down upon. Not only that but they have become commonplace. LGBTQ is a recognized and powerful community. Colorado currently has its first openly homosexual governor.

Even including technology, tolerance is the best and most important reason it’s so great to be alive today. Unfortunately, we still have a ways to go before there’s truly equality and equity.

Yet, knowing how far we have come as a society makes us even more optimistic that life on Earth will only continue to improve. Imagining what the world could be like in fifteen, thirty, or fifty years only makes it better.


5280 Geek


Obviously there’s us.

5280 Geek has only been in existence for five years, but we keep bringing the best sneak peeks and reviews money can buy. Except it’s free! And we have no plans of changing that.

5280 Geek has the best original content and local coverage on the world wide web, hands-down.

Stick with us, geeks, and you’ll be going places.

5280 geek

That’s it. The case is laid out. The present is far and away the best time to be alive in the history of civilization. Period. End of story.

We challenge anyone to wake up from their nap, put their dentures back in their mouth, and put forth an argument otherwise. There’s a comments button below if anyone wants to try, but we may as well disable it for this list—not that the old timers know how to view a blog or use a comments button anyway.

Thanks for reading 5280 Geek, and for sharing the best time to be alive in the history of mankind with us. You all make up the best community of geeks, nerds, and freaks on the planet.

Never forget to stay grateful to be alive. . .and as always, stay geeky!


John Andreula is a human being and writer residing in Colorado.

More of his written work can be found at: Moving On Upwards

Media & commission requests: Info@MovingOnUpwards.com


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