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red son emblem Superman Red Son> Started with Marvel, quick stop over at IDW, now on to DC and what could be voted as one of the greatest Elseworlds story of all time. You take an icon, ask a simple question of what if and you get a completely different character. I’m talking about Red Son and what a different world it would be if Superman landed in a different country.

Key Points> I’m sure this book in my list may come as a surprise to many and that’s alright because it should show just how amazing it is. If you’re wondering what’s going on let me explain, I am not a Superman fan and have said that on multiple occasions. Right now its been an awesome title but the Man of Steel hasn’t always been that fortunate and more times than not I have found him to be too goodie goodie. For me, when Superman isn’t “Superman” seem to be the best and most compelling stories and this one stands out as one of the best and the picture it paints is nothing we could expect. Mark Millar (A name you might see again) does an incredible job of taking one of the most patriotic characters and just making him someone else’s poster boy for truth and justice. Superman as a Russian is pure genius and it’s global affect undeniable. The most compelling part of the story is the impact it has on the rest of the characters in the DCU creating some compelling variations of them; Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and of course Batman. Of course what would a Superman story be without Lex? The plot lines run deep and makes for one of the most compelling stories you could ever imagine reading like a great spy novel. Originally released in three issues but easy enough to find in a trade format at most shops.Superman-RedSon

Negative Zone> I try to read the story at least once a year, one of the few trades I do that with but now that it’s coming to video in a couple of weeks (February 25) I might not have to. DC does an amazing job most of the time adapting it’s stories for the direct to video format with the animated versions being better than any of their big budget theatrical releases. Given the source material I wouldn’t think they would have to change much and this would be the only way we would ever see this story come to life I just worry they would try and soften it up a little. But that said they did have Wonder Woman kill a Billy Batson not that long ago in one of them. If you are going to watch this do yourself a favor and read the trade first it would be a fun comparison and this will be one of the few times I ever say this; It’s damn perfect the way it is.

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