Classic Rock Wednesday

#CLRW In case you missed it Denver Pop Culture Con just announced Keith Coogan as a guest for this year. I’m sure you’re wondering how this plays with Classic Rock Wednesday and it’s very simple for me. This plays right off of my Mixtape as a matter of fact from the classic 80’s film that he’s from. And without going into too much detail it’s a great moment in the movie as the kids race home in hopes of beating the parents getting there first. The film is a classic (I know I already said that) and has held up well over the decades but that’s to be expected from the works of Chris Columbus.

The film is Adventures in Babysitting and including a great cast had just as impressive a soundtrack. Regrettably we lost the Motown legend Edwin Starr in 2003 who was best known for his hit song War (Yes the one that Jackie Chan butchered). And while that song is on my Mixtape as well this one seems to see more play time in the car for obvious reasons. I’m the Listener and for todays Classic Rock Wednesday choice I give you the number six hit on the R&B charts from 1969, Twenty Five Miles


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