Virtual Con

All right collectors here is a quick snapshot of how things are going to work on Saturday. We will be live streaming on  starting on Saturday March 21 at noon. We are trying something entirely new and some would say crazy in the way of a “Virtual” con.
Via the stream we will open with a few different items to purchase or bid on. Slabs, variant covers, con exclusives, toys, just things we have collected over all of the different cons we have done. In between lots we will have a select group of artists here with us. Smurf will interview them, show off some of the art available to purchase and the artist will take a limited amount of commissions.
The event is intended to be 100 percent interactive, entertaining, and a total distraction from whats going on. Get you some deals, help our local artists that survive mostly on doing cons, and strengthen our collecting community. So please share, spread the word, and most importantly tune in Saturday. If you have any questions please let us know, Tim or Smurf are here and thank you from RMC Collectables and 5280 Geek
#Con #ConLife #VirtualCon #LiveEvent #RMCCollectables #5280Geek #StayGeeky

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