Munch Madness

#MunchMadness #Bracket for the #Semifinal round is complete and we have a couple of new players. No surprise Cinnamon Toast steamed ahead, and someone must have been holding their Lucky Charms tight. On the other side of the bracket we have Life that seems to know it all and a proud Cap’n. Voting is live so you decide who goes to the finals to play for the Silver Spoon.

Munch Madness II Semifinal

Cinnamon-Toast-Crunch-Wendell Vs. luckycharms

In the first round of the #Semifinals we have the returning champ #CinnamonToastCrunch (Yes we went old school because who can trust a cannibalistic mascot). On the other side of the table keeping his four clover close #LuckyCharms! This battle for bowl supremacy is going to be Vs.  captain-crunch

Will #Life deal a serious blow to #CapnCrunch and step in the way of his bowl domination? Can the Cap’n stay the course all the way to the Silver Spoon? Would it matter if it was the peanut butter? Help one of these with their life long dream while the others go down the drain.

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