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With no new comics for awhile this works perfectly as a alternative for now. I was already walking through some of the must have trades so this can serve as a distraction and maybe help you pick up something new to read or relive some great stories. All C’s Collectibles is sponsoring this and is also running a live auction three times a week and today, Wednesday at 2:30 will be the next one you don’t want to miss.

Before Marvel got on this “End” kick they are currently doing there were a couple of future how they ended story lines. Of course the bleak and futuristic X-Men Days of future past, a classic story in a category all it’s own. There is however one that I think people overlook, forget about, or just outright have no idea it exists, a story that has just been rumored to exist like Boba Fett with the firing missile. I’m talking of course about the Last Avengers Story.last-avengers-story

Key Points> It’s exactly like you would expect from the series title, the last story, putting to rest the greatest team and what finally becomes of them and the world they protect. There are a few surprises and even a few ideas that actually later became story lines just like some of the more popular What If stories. Kang is one of the key villains in addition to Reaper and what would an Avenger story be if they weren’t fighting among themselves. What I loved about it was just to see how it all ended….welll a guess of what that would look like since in 1995 no one else had done it. You find out the fate of all the Avengers including a few extra characters and is just a solid zero consequence story that any Avengers fan should read at least once. Written by Peter David who seemed to go on a quest after this to do a few future stories, and let’s be honest the best one is Hulk Future Imperfect. All of this topped off by the amazing art of Ariel Olivetti adding the “grit” to the story because without him I don’t think it would have the same impact.                 HulkvsWonderMan

Negative Zone> It was originally released as a two-issue prestige format, and the first issue is usually the easier of the two to find (Spent an entire year looking for a number two for a customer). It was put in a trade a few years later and a few hard cover collected editions along the way but I believe it’s no longer in print, but I did see it in digital format. The ending of the story leaves a lot to be desired and kind of a lofty things to come final page but your left waiting for more.

Next week I talk about a story I had completely overlooked and had no interest in, until I picked up that first issue and found I was completely wrong. As promised on the podcast yesterday here are the trades suggested so far:

Asgardain Wars

Locke & Key Welcome to Lovecraft

Superman Red Son

Hulk The End

Fables Vol 1

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