Meat and Potatoes

banner tigerkingJust when you think the world can’t get any crazier, a documentary series comes out on Netflix that captures America’s attention and totally takes over the conversations for a much needed *break* from our current reality. So, I must check out “Tiger King” to see what all the fuss is about, and quite frankly I need to review something because I am already missing my movies.

*The MEAT* The story is *Insane* I mean utterly nuts. Hollywood could not ever come up with something like this, with so many twists, turns and shocks it truly is just *Out There*.

*The POTATOES* Well there is supposedly no acting in a documentary just people playing themselves, but I must say all these characters are so *Over the Top* it is hard to imagine people in the world like this. Which, obviously part of the reason this series is so addicting. But I really despised almost everyone in this documentary.

*The VERDICT* Overall, I did not like “Tiger King” because the people and the subject matter were just deplorable on so many levels that I wished the tigers would have ate everyone involved. However, this series pulls you down a rabbit hole of disbelief, shock and suspense that makes you so intrigued as to what happens next that you cannot turn it off. So as entertainment value goes, “Tiger King” is *Damn Entertaining* and will leave you with plenty of opinions to discuss for months to come, as you are aware by social media right now. And even though I didn’t like it, I am glad I watched it because it is a good documentary that needed to be made so that changes can happen in our world for the way we treat animals.

Everyone, Please Stay Safe…

Stay Home…

Stay Healthy…

Look out for your neighbors…

Stay Vigilant…

And as always… Stay Geeky!

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